Tips On How To Refresh Your Wardrobe!

Have you ever looked at your closet and went “oh gosh, I DEFINITELY need a wardrobe makeover.” But at the same time, do not have the budget to buy everything new? No problem, I have a few tips on revamping your closest without taking out new school loans just to pay everything off. As a college student, I have to budget my spending and I do that by hitting up the sales section and going to stores like Forever21, H&M, Cotton On, etc. You can have new clothes and look stylish without having to worry about paying those debt off. Here are some of the things you should keep in mind:

1. Splurge on items where you KNOW you will get many use out of it. Splurging on shoes (buying shoes that are $200 and up) is a NO NO in my book because chances are, you will only wear it a few times. Splurging on a classic leather jacket or a good quality jacket is something you want to think about, because you will most likely wear it all year round (and I’m not talking about a $500 jacket, under $200 will be good enough).

2. Refresh your closet by adding in a few colored jeans. For example, if you are torn between a pair of pink jeans or a pair of burgundy jeans, you are better off going for the burgundy jeans. Why? Because most of the time, dark colors are easier to pair clothes with and in a way, dark colors are timeless (I’m not saying burgundy jeans will ALWAYS be in but dark colors in general will always be in). Also, you do not need to buy an expensive pair of colored jeans, you can find great looking jeans at stores like H&M (that is where I got my burgundy jeans!).

3. Throw out, donate, or trade/sell your old t-shirts or blouses that are totally not in style anymore (and you know for sure that even your mom won’t wear it). Then go out and buy yourself new blouses and shirts, stores like Forever21 offer many new styles that you can purchase without breaking your wallet. Note that when you choose a new blouse or shirt, go for the color that you have the least. Example, if you have 20 black shirts, you would want to go with other colors (that are wearable of course, no funky stuff like red & green together, unless you are funky yourself). Go for a classic design, like a nice chiffon blouse for an example, or a v-neck that you can wear time after time.

4. On to the shoes, if you are feeling bored with the shoes you have lying around then you can definitely add some funk to your style. You can do that by hitting up the local shoe stores at the mall that offer fun new styles for super cheap. Or if you are too lazy to get off your butt to go to the mall (or you don’t want to bring the whole mall home because every time you go, you get tempted to buy everything) then you can check out online stores like because they offer the same styles you would find at your local shoe stores with the same price, plus they offer free shipping, bonus! When choosing a new style of shoes, you want to keep in mind that you shouldn’t spend your money (whether it is $10 or $50) on a pair of shoes that are outrageous and that are only IN for the moment (ex. while spikes are super hot right now, it won’t be in a few months). Also check the sales section of your local fashion store, because they frequently update their style so they will put shoes on sale for super cheap (for example, i got a pair of boots at Cotton On for $11.50!).  One more thing, you can totally splurge on a pair of black boots or booties because they almost always never go out of style (check Steve Madden for cute & good quality boots).

5. Accessories do make the outfit and with the right accessories, you can transform a boring outfit into a fun and fresh one. You can buy super cheap accessories on Ebay or at stores like Forever21. Note that when buying cheap jewelries, the color tends to fade over time and stain your fingers or wrist. But you can always throw out a rusty $2 ring and buy another since it is so cheap!

Well these are a few tips that I can give you on how to refresh your closet without spending too much. Hope that these tips help and you find what you want!


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